Why We Run

PFC Kyle Marshall Farr

PTSD is commonly known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's what led to the death of a soldier named PFC Kyle Marshall Farr in 2009. From that death was born Race for a Soldier and a new meaning for PTSD: Permission to Start Dreaming.

Kyle's mother, Leslie Mayne, struggled through the civilian version of post-traumatic stress after the loss of her son. There was no bringing Kyle back but there was a way to honor his life and Leslie found it.

With the help of countless volunteers, family and friends Race For A Soldier, a half marathon contested in Gig Harbor, WA, was started in the fall of 2011. It wildly exceeded expectations, drawing an average of 1,500 runners in the first three years. In that same time, more than $97,000 has been contributed to organizations helping soldiers and their families recover from war and readjust to life back home.

Now in its fourth year Race for a Soldier is joined by Swing For A Soldier Golf Tournament for a second year.  The momentum is all thanks to a generous community that was alerted to a need and filled it. We're reaching out once again for your assistance. Just know when you support Race For A Soldier, Swing For A Soldier and the Prayer Breakfast, you will be lifting up a soldier who risked his or her life for you and give them Permission to Start Dreaming.


Thank you.

In Honor of PFC Kyle Marshall Farr

We Love You & Miss You!